Doodling Animation

Wow…this project was a killer. This is my first stop-motion animation video that I did for my Design II class two years ago. It was based on this project:

The project was to design something about our interest as artists. I chose to do mine about doodling, because I do it so often. It’s a way to free my mind.

The image was made by cutting out pieces from photos of different textures. I made many of the shapes overlap and turn into new textures. In some places, like the blue/red washcloth in the upper left, I inverted the original image to make a new image with different colors. There was really no design to it – I was just doodling with images.

For the animation, I took the same design but got rid of the textures so it was a line drawing. Then I chose to have it break into all kinds of different pieces, and animated each piece one by one (over and over). The process was long and difficult, but the project turned out pretty well in the end.


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